Callaway Golf Big Bertha OS Hybrid Review


Big Bertha OS Hybrids are the largest hybrid in terms of overall dimension, with a relatively large face, from both toe to heel and vertically. This delivers distance and significant forgiveness. It has a pear shape that resembles a fairway wood that sits comfortably behind the ball.
The next-generation Hyper Speed Face Cup (video) provides more ball speed across the face than the previous model to give more ball speed across a larger area, especially on off-centre strikes due to having the lowest and deepest centre of gravity, making them effortless to hit.
The larger head size means the hybrid has a relatively large sole, the ‘Dual Runner Sole’ has a mechanical look, is designed with a large relief to minimise contact with the ground, ensuring better turf interaction for a consistently solid contact.
The crown of the Big Bertha OS hybrid has a matte black finish that reduces glare at address and with minimal branding to help with alignment, the club looks classy.

Sound and feel

The Callaway Big Bertha OS hybrid has the sound and feel of wood. The face is very forgiving on the hands with a large sweet spot and the sound is a solid metallic ping. It is sturdy, powerful and stable through the turf with weighting that creates a good pace through the swing.


Distance is also boosted by the inclusion of Callaway’s Speed Step on the crown that promotes faster head speed through the air.

In play

The Big Bertha OS hybrid is one of the most versatile hybrid options from Callaway, suitable for the average player looking for a club they can reliably hit long, high, and straight. It is particularly good for those who struggle with distance-gaps. It is excellent off the tee and solid from the rough and trouble lies. The dual runners on the sole help with turf interaction by guiding the club through squarely without feeling awkward. The clubs feature Callaway’s familiar Optifit Hosel, letting the player easily choose from e8 loft and lie settings to dial in launch angle and shot shap.


Excellent accuracy when caught right, the Big Bertha OS Hybrid also covers up distance loss on toe hits and gets the ball to the target.


The Big Bertha OS hybrids come with the UST Recoil ES 460 shaft and Callaway Universal grip as standard, though other graphite shafts and grips are available through Callaway’s custom options.

Women and Senior models

The Big Bertha OS hybrids are available in Women and Senior models with slightly larger heads and more loft to promote faster ball speed and a higher launch angle.

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The hybrid may not provide the length you would expect. Other hybrids have a more satisfying impact, which means the Big Bertha OS is more of a secondary hybrid


The Big Bertha OS hybrid is a useful club to fill in awkward distance gaps in the middle of your club set. Whilst there are several options on the market to fill this gap in your bag, the hybrid’s ability to adjust, plus the level of forgiveness, and it’s ease of use make the Big Bertha OS a hybrid worth considering as an option since it provides balanced, dependable performance across the board. In summary, it is a useful club that will give you results without bringing attention to itself.

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