If You’re Thinking of Changing Your 5-Iron for a 5 Hybrid Golf Club Keep Reading

When it comes to buying a hybrid, the trick is to find one that matches the iron they’ll be replacing. You want your 5 hybrid golf club, for example, to hit the ball the same distance, but be far easier to hit. If you replace your long iron with a matching hybrid of the same length you’ll avoid any distance gaps. The most common irons to replace are the 3- and 4- irons, but an increasing number of players are choosing to replace their 5-iron as well.

Tour professionals are making use of hybrids with great success, so what are their best uses?

5 of the best times to use a hybrid club

hybrid 5 golf club

  • Off the tee – For long par 3’s and short par 4 shots from the tee, hybrids are perfect. Especially if there is a water hazard or bunker to get over. If you use a long iron for these shots the trajectory of the shot will be low piercing. Using a hybrid, which offers a lower center of gravity, means you’ll be able to launch the ball higher in the air. This also means the ball will come down at a steeper angle, making it easier to stop on the green.
  • From the fairway – Hybrids are great for long approach shots to the green on a par 5 or a long par 4. Their excellent distance control and better accuracy will greatly improve confidence. Using a hybrid from the fairway means you’ll be able to go for more par 5’s in 2, leaving you short putts for an eagle.
  • Out of the rough – Using a long iron when you’re in the rough often leads to them getting caught up, twisting and producing mishits. Because hybrids are bigger they find it easier to drive through the rough and keep the face square. Hybrids also have rudders and rails on the sole of the club which help to keep the clubface square.
  • Out of a bunker – With a hybrid you can move the ball back in your stance and promote a steeper angle of attack. The larger club head, and ruddered soles also help to swing through the sand.
  • Around the green – For bump and run shots around the green, hybrids are great. The chance of an error is greatly reduced because they get the ball rolling on the green very quickly. The short length of their shafts makes them almost like a putter, but without the likelihood of choking down on the shaft to get control.

Tips on choosing the best hybrid club

Choosing the perfect hybrid golf club is not that difficult. There are just a few things to bear in mind when making your decision.

  • Think about your biggest weakness and keep this at the front of your mind when shopping. If you regularly miss shots or have a problem hitting the ball high enough, then hybrid clubs are certainly worth considering.
  • Are you choosing a hybrid to replace an iron or a wood? If the answer is an iron, choose a club with a larger and thicker head. If it’s a wood you’re planning to replace then it will be better if you choose a hybrid club with a shallow face.
  • The grip of your replacement hybrid should match the other clubs in the set. Having a grip similar or the same will make it getting used to it much easier. Don’t forget that grips can be replaced, however. The hybrid should also the of the same length as the club it’ll be replacing. No more than half an inch difference is preferable.
  • Always try before you buy, if possible. If you can’t organize this then make sure the online store you’re purchasing the hybrid club from has a returns policy. It is very important to feel comfortable with the weight of your new club, before you start playing with it seriously.

As you can see, hybrid golf clubs are very versatile, so they are definitely worth a try. Keep hybridgolfclubs.net as one of your favorites, because we’ll be sharing more helpful information, reviews, and tips in the future.