How to Use Your Hybrid Golf Clubs and the Distances You Can Expect

You’ve taken the plunge and added a few hybrid golf clubs to your bag. Now comes the most important part – learning how to use them, and understanding the distances you can expect to achieve. Time to put them to the test and find out the best times to use them, and most important, how to achieve their optimum performance. Use them for the wrong kind of shots and your game is not going to benefit. It might fly through the air perfectly, but the shot won’t be one that wins your game.

When it comes to hybrid golf club distances and the shots that are best suited to this new kind of club there are charts you can use for guidance. Armed with the information you’ve gleaned from the various hybrid golf club distance guides the best way to test how they will work for you is to give it a try.

There are three types of shot best suited for a hybrid golf club.

Hybrid golf club distances and the best shots you can make

Hybrid golf club distancesTee shots on short par fours
There is a common mistake made by many amateur golfers. Using the driver off the tee on every par four, even if distance is not a major requirement. Finding yourself on the tee of a par four that is short, means you don’t need the distance of a driver to set up your approach shot. Using your hybrid is obviously the best option. It will be much easier to hit the fairway, but still provide enough distance. Not feeling pressured to use your driver will mean playing from the short grass far more frequently.

Going for the green in two on par fives
With a hybrid, rather than a long iron, you’ll be able to attack more par fives in two shots. If you hit a good drive on a par five, you’ll find yourself in an excellent position. You might be able to hit the hole in two and give yourself two further options on how to continue your play: go for the green or lay-up. Using only a long iron you might be tempted to opt for the lay-up option. If you have the option of using a hybrid golf club you’re going to be tempted to play for the green more often. With a hybrid you can hit the ball higher and further, which will mean you’re more likely to get the ball on or near the green.

Long par three shots
This can be one of the most difficult holes for amateur golfers. But having a hybrid golf club provides the best solution. Your chances of getting near to the green are significantly higher. With a long iron you can only hope that you’ll get near the green, so you can chip and putt for par. Many golf courses will have one or two of this kind of hole, so you’d be made not to include a hybrid or rescue club in your golf bag.

There is one more shot worth mentioning when you’re considering how to get the best from hybrid golf club distances. A ‘bump and run’ chip shot around the green. When you’ve got a good lie and there are no bothersome obstacles to get in the way of your way. Why not try a few chip shots with your hybrid golf club? You’ll soon appreciate how effective it can be.

Using your hybrid clubs is going to take some practice, in order to get a good amount of control over the various distances. So get some in before you head out onto the green and start playing. And do all the research you can, such as taking note of any useful distance guides.

How a hybrid golf club distance chart can help you

golferKnowing how far you can expect to hit the ball with a certain kind of club has got to be useful. Hybrid golf club distances, as well as for irons, woods and putters can be found in a guide or chart. Most of which are easily accessible online. Having a good idea of the distance you can expect to hit the ball is going to save you lots of wasted shots.

Distances of course depend on a number of factors. The weather, the type of club, along with your swing speed, together with your size, sex and fitness level are all contributing factors. But an estimation is going to prove useful.