A Guide to Purchasing the Perfect Golf Gloves

Did you put much thought into your choice of golf glove? Don’t worry if you didn’t, because it’s a common mistake many golfers make. This item of golfing apparel that is the only thing between the golfer and the club, and far too little thought is put into choosing. Some golfers wear gloves that are too tight, and some wear golf gloves that are far too big. So how about we give you, our readers, some helpful steps to follow, next time you’re looking to buy a pair of golf gloves.

5 steps to take when picking the best golf gloves

golf glovesStep 1 – Decide on the material your glove will be made of. Leather is the most expensive material, and will also be exceedingly comfortable to wear, as well as last longer. However, synthetic gloves do have their advantages. If it’s hot or raining, synthetic gloves have superior grip. Many experienced players will have both types in their golf bag, and choose which one is best for the weather.

Step 2 – The glove should fit tightly all over your hand. Golf gloves come in a wide selection of sizes to suit both men and women, There is even a ‘cadet’ size for wider hands. Between the ends of your fingers there should be very little material. If this isn’t the case, then the glove is too big. The glove should fit smoothly on the back and the palm of your hand.

Step 3 – When it comes to putting on your glove there is a right way to do it. Insert all your fingers first, before your thumb, and pull it all the way onto your fingers. Now place your thumb inside and gently pull on the top of the glove to make the front and back surfaces smooth. Finally, close the glove by either the snapper or Velcro fastener.

Step 4 – Golf gloves come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colors. It’s important to choose one that meets your needs. Some gloves have half fingers, so there is more feel of the shot. Some golf gloves have removable discs that you can use to mark your ball on the green. There are gloves made of both leather and synthetic materials which are great if you’re on a tight budget. And if you’re concerned about making a statement look out for the latest fashion trends and find a glove to match.

Step 5 – Time to put your hand in your pocket and make the purchase. We’d advise anyone reading this to buy the best you can afford, and not be fooled into thinking cheaper will be better.

The different types of golf glove

There are a number of different types of glove available. Some are designed for regular use, and some for playing in the rain. There is no need to have a glove for every occasion, but wearing the right glove for your game will be a boost to your confidence.

Leather gloves – Leather is undoubtedly tough and durable. It also offers intense grip for all swings. Gloves made from Cabretta leather will perform the best and are always highly recommended. Leather has a fine grain and a strong network of fibers which makes it very strong, supple and soft to the touch. It is also naturally elastic which means it will slide on easily and fit snugly. They grip well in the dry but not in the wet.

Rain gloves – A great choice if you find yourself playing a round of golf in the rain. This type of glove has built-in synthetic materials to keep your hand protected and not affect your grip. In dry conditions they are more of a burden than a bonus.

All-Weather gloves – These are usually made from synthetic materials that add extra strength in places most susceptible to wear and tear. Their price tag won’t break the bank, which makes them perfect for most golfers.

Winter gloves – These are made from man-made materials and keep hands warm and protected in cold weather conditions. They also help to keep hands warm between shots, so there is no worry about your fingers getting cold.

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