Tips on Replacing Your 6-Iron with a 6 Hybrid Golf Club

Hybrid golf clubs entered the market towards the end of the 1990s. A cross between an iron and a wood they are designed to help players gain more height and accuracy. The traditional long irons such as 1-, 2-, 3-, and 4-irons have often been difficult to get airborne and hit consistently. Particularly the 1- and 2-irons, which are mostly used by the very best players nowadays. They can be used in a wide variety of situations and are a very versatile club to have in your golf bag.

The rules of golf allow players to use 14 clubs in total, so it’s important not to carry two clubs or more that have very similar performance qualities. Say for example you have two clubs that can easily produce a distance of 200 yards, one of the spots in your golf bag is being wasted. If you’ve got an iron and a wood that are almost identical, replace them with a hybrid.

Why you might want to replace a 6-iron with a 6 hybrid golf club

hybrid 6 golf clubAs a general rule the hybrid you pick should have the same number as the iron or wood you’re planning to replace. That is why the details here on this page refer to replacing a 6-iron with a 6 hybrid. Essentially a 6 hybrid acts as a rescue club, a cross between a 6-iron and a fairway wood. They are popular because players find them easier to hit than a long iron. And their low center of gravity makes it easier to loft the ball into the air. A player who chooses to add one or more hybrids to their set is going to see an improvement in their gain. However, there are a few things to bear in mind when choosing a 6 hybrid club. For example the length of the shaft, the type of shaft, and the lie angle.

Tips on choosing the shaft type

The more flexible that shaft the greater distance you’ll be able to hit the ball, however this will require some sacrifices in the control department. Stiffer shafts offer more control, but fall down on the distance. In order to pick the right type of shaft, a player should look at their swing speeds or distance.

Swing speed – Manufacturers suggest that a player with a swing speed of 60 mph or less should use a ladies flex when using a 6 hybrid golf club. For a swing speed of 60 – 70 mph a senior flex would be better. A swing speed of between 70 and 80 mph would play better with a regular flex. For speeds between 80 and 90 mph a stiff flex will be suitable, and anything over will need an extra stiff flex.

Carry distance – The carry distance is another important element to consider when looking to purchase a 6 hybrid golf club. Using a golfing GPS will help you to determine the distance accurately. Have a try at hitting several golf balls and determine the average distance. The table below relates distance to required flex.

Distance (yards)Suitable flex
100 yards or lessLadies flex
100 to 130 yardssenior flex
130 to 155 yardsregular flex
155 to 175 yardsstiff flex
More than 175 yardsextra stiff flex

The ideal length of the shaft, if you’re looking to replace a 6-iron with a 6 hybrid, will be half an inch longer than the next club in your bag. It should also fit in between the irons and fairway woods with regards to length. In other words, it should be longer than the iron, but shorter than the wood.

We always advise our readers to try before you buy, if at all possible. That way you get a good feel for the club, and gain an understanding of its benefits.