Make Your Game Easier By Choosing a Stand Bag

There is a golf bag available on the market today, with a very unique feature. Two retractable legs make golf stand bags a useful addition, especially if you’re planning to walk the course. The legs on this particular bag allow it to stand completely vertical or else stand canted. Stabilizing the bag is the unique benefit of these two extendable legs. The legs retract and stand snug against the bag when it is upright.

Golf stand bags are preferred by golfers who walk the course, because the legs allow the bag to stand upright on the grass. As opposed to a cart or tour bag, which are designed to be used laid on flat surfaces such as the back of a cart. When you’re walking the course your clubs can come with you and remain on the tee or the green while lining up a putt.

A lot of the stand bags available feature backpack-style straps for the shoulders. These allow for better weight distribution across both the shoulders, and are far more comfortable to carry. If weight is a worry, you’ll be interested to know that stand bags are relatively light, and weigh in at around 5 pounds or lighter. Designers have also introduced styles with ergonomic features such as a hip pad that prevents the bag rubbing as you walk.

One added benefit of using a golf stand bag is that can be used with carts or trolleys, as well as carrying them on your back. However, you need to be careful when strapping it in, so as not to damage the legs.

Golf stand bags versus golf cart bags – which are the best?

golf stand bagUsing a stand golf bag adds a certain amount of added exercise to your round of golf. The golf bag isn’t the lightest of objects, and you’re probably going to be carrying it for at least a couple of hours. This is going to help burn fat and increase your endurance levels. With this type of bag you can set it down on any kind of slope or environment. The only drawback is the weight, which can make your back and shoulders sore. However, if you can handle this then a golf bag with a stand is far more versatile. And cheaper to use as you won’t have to go to the added expense of hiring a golf cart or trolley.

We hope that you’ve now got enough information to help you make a sensible decision. Once you’ve bought your golf stand bag, let’s give you some advice on keeping it looking its best.

How to take care of your golf bag

  • Clean with a damp towel whenever necessary to remove dirt, debris, and pollen.
  • Take care with the items you place in the pockets and don’t leave items in there for too long. If you’re putting wet things in the pockets take the items out when you get home and clean and dry as directed. Ensure the items are completely dry before putting back in the pockets. There’s nothing worse than a moldy golf bag to put you off a round of golf.
  • Take care where you store your golf bag. Choose a place that isn’t dirty, and where it won’t get covered in pollen or dust. Covering the bag when not in use with a trash bag or plastic over the bag will really help to keep it all clean.

And if you’re wondering what to carry in your bag, here are a few interesting ideas. After all, while carrying your bag will be good exercise, you don’t need to go overboard and carry round that’s full to the brim.

  • Only bring your rain gear if you know it’s going to rain
  • Just because there are 25 pockets, doesn’t mean you need to fill every one of them
  • Don’t carry too many balls. Enough to coincide with your handicap will be plenty
  • A marker so you can mark your balls
  • A clean towel, wet at one end, and a small brush
  • A ball marker
  • A tool for making divots
  • A GPS device so you can accurately pinpoint the hole
  • A tasty snack and something to drink – preferably water

We hope everything you read here will make your game more enjoyable. Stay tuned for more useful advice.