Too Young for a Game of Golf? Not with Hybrid Golf Clubs for Kids

Did you spark your kids interest with a set of plastic golf clubs, but are now looking for junior golf clubs so he can join you at the course? Have you become a little worried about your kid’s antics in the garden, and think they could do with stepping up to a proper golf range? These and various other scenarios featuring golf crazy kids require the purchase of golf clubs for kids. Pick the right junior golf clubs and you’re going to keep their interest.

The world of junior golf clubs has come on in leaps and bounds. No more does a kid have to be content with a cut down adult club, or a handcrafted twig. However, there are so many different options, many parents are going to feel totally overwhelmed. Shopping for golf clubs for your children is very involved, and there are lots of things to bear in mind. However, rest assured that purchasing the right ones will make a big difference to their game. Both in enjoyment, enthusiasm, and improvement of skills. So let’s introduce a few things to think about when buying kid’s golf clubs.

How long should they be?

kids golfThe length of a golf club designed for kids is the first consideration. The set you choose should be the right length for the junior player, but also be a set they can grow with. It’s bad enough having to keep buying new shoes, without having to worry about a new set of clubs, every time they finish a growth spurt. It’s OK for them to choke down or grip down on the club, but it shouldn’t be too much. More than 1.5 to 2 inches is too much. If they choke down more than 2 inches it will change their whole swing, causing them to manipulate the swing in order to get the club around their body. Around one inch of grip down will be OK for the time being and have enough length to be good for another year.

Should you concern yourself with flex ratings?

With cut-down clubs comes the problem of added stiffness of the shaft. Taking 4 or 5 inches off the shaft increases its stiffness. This is the reason why most juniors using this type of club fail to get good height with their style of shot.

Clubs specifically designed with juniors in mind can be made with the right flex for a kid’s swing speed. Lightweight steel and graphite are used to make kid’s clubs much more playable. They are so flexible in fact, they can be bent with your hands. Which is a great way to check whether the club’s you’re buying have a nice, flexible shaft.

Don’t pick clubs that are overly heavy

Weight is another important consideration when purchasing golf clubs for kids. Pick one that’s too heavy and they will struggle to take the club to the top of the backswing. This struggle will result in inconsistencies. Using a much lighter club allows the junior player to achieve the correct position at the top of the swing, and help them repeat it.

Many junior golf clubs have lighter heads and shafts. And it’s easy to check before you buy from a local store.

Pay close attention to the grip size

Traditionally, junior golf clubs were cut down, and any grip that fit would be used. However, this meant that junior players suffered the same problems as adults, When the grip feels like a baseball in your hand, it’s going to make a difference in the mechanics of the swing.

Always check that the clubs you’re buying are fitted with junior grips. If you’re going to be changing them anytime in the future a good guide is to ask for grips with a core size of 50.

How many golf clubs should you buy?

The rule book says that players can carry up to 14 clubs. But unless your kid is a contender for Miss or Master Universe, carrying fourteen clubs is going to be an exercise in endurance and stamina. Rather than an enjoyable and relaxing game of golf. It’s also highly likely your kids game will feature quite a few small distance gaps, which makes many of the types redundant. The best selection of clubs to include in a junior golf club set would be one driver, one of the many available hybrid golf clubs for kids, a 7-iron, a wedge, and a putter. This should be more than enough for the shots being made. When your kid is a little older, say maybe 10 or 11 years old, more than twelve clubs will be suitable as they can swing harder, and achieve a distance longer than five yards between shots.

Is there a need for special golf balls?

The swing speeds of children are generally less than 80 mph. With such a low swing speed it will be difficult to get the most out of the properties that enhance its distance. Not a lot of spin is generated by lower swing speeds, and the balls aren’t compressed as much. Therefore, golf balls with soft covers will spin more and stay in the air for longer.

If you’re considering a ready made junior golf set, it will probably come with two or three soft-compression golf balls, which are perfect for players with a slower swing.

There is no need to feel pressured to buy special junior golf balls. Many of the ‘adult’ golf balls have super soft cores, maximizing a junior player’s distance. There are also plenty of ladies golf balls that will achieve more height when used by a junior player.

Nobody will deny that golf is a difficult game to master, and picking the best golf equipment is just as important as skill set. We hope to continue to educate you, whatever age, skill level, and style of player you might be. Only by sharing such important information can we succeed in our goal to make golf a more enjoyable and successful sport for all.