Ping G30 Hybrid

Ping has a strong reputation for engineering hybrid clubs that offer incredible forgiveness and high-level performance. The Ping G30 Hybrid is no exception. The internal weight pads tune the centre of gravity (CG) to fit each of the G30 hybrids, boosting launch in lower lofts and reducing spin in higher ones.


The G30 hybrid’s two-tone black crown has a stylish look. The crown features a glossy top line that disguises some of the clubs bulk and helps with alignment since there is no alignment aid on the crown. The matt finish not only looks good, but reduces glare to help with focus. The slightly longer and shallower head creates a club that acts more like a long iron, yet has all the benefits of a hybrid.

The Ping G30 hybrid has different lofts. The club is slightly larger in the lower lofts and smaller in the higher lofts.

The high-balance-point TFC 419H shaft in blue has a higher balance point that allows for a slightly heavier head weight, that increases the moment of inertia (MOI) for greater forgiveness and improved accuracy. For high spin players who require a lower torque there is the option of the handsome silver Tour 90 graphite shaft.

Sound and Feel

The G30 hybrid has a nice metallic, rich impact sound, without sounding brittle or hollow. A solid sound that gives confidence. The duller sounds on mis-hits makes it easy to ascertain exactly where the ball hit the face.

Mis-hits don’t create a shock and the balance is so good that the G30 head doesn’t get lost during the swing.

Good for approach shots, the G30 hybrids higher peak point of the trajectory means the ball lands a little steeper and should therefore stop a little quicker.


ping-G30-2The Ping G30 hybrid is truly consistent and very forgiving. All swings: good, bad and indifferent will end in the same spot with a very similar ball flight, filtering out most side-spin and bending mis-hits back towards your target. The face has been treated with a H900 heat process to make it stronger and increase ball speeds. It is an excellent choice for high-handicap players. However, the G30 hybrid is not a one-size-fits-all design. With each club engineered to perform at the highest level it is an excellent hybrid for skilled players with the precision engineering on each loft to produce optimal ball flight and distance through progressive offset and centre of gravity.

Good for slower swings, the G30 hybrid gets the ball moving easily, yet responds well to a stronger swing. This is a good club to replace a number of irons. The club is smart enough to get out from tight spots and bunkers, but also has enough clout to help in deep rough conditions.

Ping’s G-series is one of the top clubs tested. The G30 fits the bill no matter what you want out of a hybrid. It will surpass your expectations about consistency in a hybrid. Easy to hit, plays long and suits all levels of golfers. The G30 hybrids should be among the first you try if you want to give up your long irons or upgrade your hybrids.

Technical Specification

ModelLoftLengthSwing WeightLieEquivalent IronEquivalent FairwayHand

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