Cobra Golf King F7 Hybrid Review

Features also include adjustable lofts to optimise distance. These 8 easily adjustable loft settings manage the trajectory and fine tune launch conditions. There are 3 heads in a 2-3, 4-5 and 6-7 hybrid that cover 3° of loft over five settings using the MyFly8 adjustable holes.

A single fixed weight positioned low for a deep centre of gravity results in a high, towering ball flight for extreme distance and forgiveness.
It is possible to customise the Cobra Golf King F7 Hybrid with different weight options. The stock weight is 12g, but are also available in 8g, and 16g.


The compact black head is in the traditional style and the hybrid looks clean, simple and cool. The Forged 455 steel face is a generous size without looking like a mini-fairway. The Cobra logo and crown markings help line up the club correctly. The crown is gloss black with minor matte black accents. On the sole the silver baffler rails, the orange weight, and orange accenting give the F7 hybrid create a good look.


The F7 Hybrid is often used from longer grass, and with a more descending swing the benefit of the rails is clear. The Cobra Golf King F7 Hybrid is balanced during the swing, with good stability at impact. The hybrid is weighty and powerful through the turf, and the compression of the ball on the hot face is impressive, with the rails sweeping you along the fairways, tees and semi-rough.


The F7 Hybrid is trustworthy in that it acts consistently. On anything but the worse misses, the ball will still travel fairly straight, and even on some toe hits, holds the target.

In play

The railed sole makes it easier for any golfer to get out of bad places. It shoots into the air from the fairway and tee, with a high ball flight that is easily altered. The F7 Hybrid also takes care of thick or deep lies. The stock shaft suits the club well and provides all the performance you would need.


With plenty of carry, there is enough length to please all players.

Sound and feel

The sound and feel are excellent: the sound is a firm crack, and the feel is powerful and responsive.

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The low spin rate on the Cobra Golf King F7 Hybrid can make holding greens a challenge. It may also feel a little firm at impact for some players. As with most adjustable holes, the extreme ends of the range do not play as well as the rest. The 2-3 covers 16° to 19° and the 3-4 goes from 19° to 22°. In this category an 18° to 21° head would be good without having to use the extremes of the other heads.


Mid- to higher-handicappers will be happy with the versatility of this club. The King F7 is a solid all-around performer that provides good distance, as well as helping on misses. Overall, it is an attractive hybrid that is easy to play.

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